One of the largest Manufacturer and exporter of all kind of Leather Garments, all type of Kilts, etc. We are also producing Garments in cordura. Our business motto is quality service, Innovation, Customers satisfaction as well as Commitment and Dedication to Customer services. Every product is manufactured according to specific demand from customer which may include sizing as well as required materials, like leather palm type, lining materials, stitching materials, color etc. We are using premium grade genuine 100% leather of sheep skin, goat skin, deer skin, calf skin and cowhide (Export quality). Leather is the traditional material of choice for many when come to gloves, jackets and has a long and glorious history.
Factory equipped with the latest machinery which runs under highly trained and skilled labor and supervision experienced in manufacturing quality products and unique articles for all over the world. Moreover we are much familiar about environmental pollution problems, have taken necessary steps to eradicate all manufacturing hazards which may pollute the environmental condition, for instant we are using RE-CYCLE ABLE materials to minimize risks.
 2. Natural leather / Synthetic leather
Synthetic leather has significantly improved in quality so a lot of the products are being sold in the market.Besides their processes, the biggest difference between synthetic leather and natural leather is that the former is not warm enough despite the similar appearance to the latter. Synthetic leather still has its cold characteristic in its products so they cannot be used on a bit cold or harshly windy days while natural leather products can be useful during three seasons including autumn, winter, and spring. In addition, be careful in purchasing online because synthetic products at a very cheap price may be different from what you see with your eyes.
Indeed, certain synthetic leather products have very similar appearances to those of natural leather. However, the prices are very high and not much different from those of natural leather products. Surely, the final products of synthetic leather can be cheaper than those of natural one because the process of natural leather is much more complex and difficult, and requires expensive labor than that of synthetic one. Keep in mind that very a few sellers produce good synthetic leather products because natural leather products are sold at a higher price than those made of expensive synthetic leather.
 3. Producing area
The origins of natural leather jackets are considered critical. This is because, to determine the class of leather, a worker has to depend on his or her sight and touch only, and it takes about 10 years to become a quality worker. Therefore, only skilled artisans with 10 year or more experience can complete decent leather products. Currently, around the world many countries are producing leather jackets but, indeed, their quality significantly varies because many of them have less than 10 years of experience. The leather jackets made in Korea are produced by high skilled artisans in general so their quality is much higher than others made in other countries. The products made in Italy are largely decent but many of them are superior brands with an extremely dear price.
Identify the Type of Leather
Before doing anything with a new leather jacket, new owners should carefully remove all purchase tags and immediately read the manufacturers wash care label. Any good quality leather jacket will feature label directions explaining how to care for the leather jacket properly. This care label is usually located on the inside lining of the jacket at the bottom of one of the side seams. This care label will tell the owner exactly what type of leather the jacket is made from, as well as what type of finish it is. There are several different types and finishes of leather, and each requires different care methods. The following table provides a list of the various finishes of leather available, and a description of each. 
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